The healthy ayurveda Tea from Sri-Lanka
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We deliver the original Samahan Tea from our warehouse in
Berlin, Germany to all European countries. 
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 The famous herbal tea from
Link Natural Products in Sri-Lanka

We import Samahan instant-tea to Germany and distribute it throughout Europe. 

Fast and secure delivery with DHL or German Post.


We are the only shop in Europe with ample stock for direct shipping. 

Shipping within Germany €3,--  

Shipping depends on weight (€4-€12)

How to use 


To prevent illness:

Drink 1 to 2 cups of Samahan Tea daily. It is an instant product wich is normally dissolved in hot water. Alternatively in hot milk or coffee.


If you feel ill:

3-5 Cups a day.

Kids (below 15years) half the amount.

PS: Samahan Tee is relatively spicy 

Ingredients and effects on health



The recipe for Samahan Tea has been known for centuries in Sri-Lanka.

Samahan Tea strengthens your immune system and can bring fast relief specially from cold and catarrh related symptoms.
Samahan is 100% natural product made of 14 herbs. 

There are no known side effects